How Do I...?

Find out more information about enrolling my office to see WVCHIP patients?  Click here to see upcoming changes that will require providers be enrolled to bill for services.

Find a Provider who accepts WVCHIP Coverage?  Check out the Provider Lookup Page to find a provider who is located near you, or who practices a certain specialty that you might need.

Know who to contact to find out more information about the New Health Insurance Marketplace?  You can call 1-800-318-2596 or go to www.HealthCare.gov, with questions.

Know who to contact if I'm having trouble getting a prescription?  Contact CVS Caremark at 1-800-241-3260.

Know who to contact with a denied or unpaid claim?  Contact Molina at 1-800-479-3310.

Know who to contact if I have a question about my child's CHIP Premium coverage, or payments?  Call the WVCHIP Helpline at 1-877-982-2447, or Molina at 1-800-479-3310.

Know who to contact if I have a question with my child(s) annual review? Call the DHHR Customer Service Center at 1-877-716-1212.

Know who to call if I've lost or misplaced my child(s) CHIP Member Card? You can request a replacement WVCHIP Member Card by contacting Molina at 1-800-479-3310.

Know who to call if I am having a problem or have additional questions?  Please click here for a list of Helpful Names and Phone Numbers; also located in the Back of WVCHIP's most recent Summary Plan Description (SPD).