Are you raising grandchildren who need health insurance? WVCHIP could be the solution for your grandchildren’s health insurance needs.
If you are raising your grandchildren, one of your biggest worries may be how to keep them healthy and strong. Having health insurance can make it possible for you to get health care for your grandchildren before they are seriously ill.

Now, more uninsured children than ever are getting health insurance through WVCHIP.  WVCHIP is a low cost health insurance available to qualified uninsured children, ages birth through 18. Grandchildren that live with you may be eligible for WVCHIP.  You can apply for all of your grandchildren that live with you using only one application.  No face-to-face interview is required.  For further information, go to: www.healthcare.gov or call 1-800-318-2596 or visit www.wvpath.wv.gov ​to apply online.

WVCHIP health care coverage includes: Doctor Visits, Prescriptions, Emergencies, Immunizations, Hospital Care, Dental Care, Vision Care, and more.

When you apply for WVCHIP, your income will only be counted if you have legally adopted your grandchildren. The grandchildren you are applying for must live in your home, but it doesn’t matter how long they have lived with you.
As a grandparent, you are concerned about your grandchildren’s health even if they are not living with you. If you are a grandparent whose uninsured grandchild does not live with you, then you can still apply by visiting:  www.healthcare.gov, or by calling 1-800-318-2596, or you can print the application here to give to the parents.