Beginning 07/01/2024, WVCHIP Pharmacy claims will be processed by West Virginia Medicaid's claims processor, Gainwell Technologies.  WVCHIP Pharmacy claims with Dates of Service from now through 06/30/2024 will continue to be processed by ESI, WVCHIP's current Pharmacy Benefit Manager.  Providers must be enrolled with WV Medicaid and CHIP to ensure that prescriptions are processed and paid.  Failing to enroll as a prescribing provider could cause your patients' prescriptions to be denied at the pharmacy.  

​If you are not already enrolled, please visit https://www.wvmmis.com and enroll online as a billing provider or as an "ORP Only Provider."  The quickest enrollment option is the ORP-Only online application process.  To prevent interruptions in member's access to needed prescription medications, prescribers must make sure they are enrolled with West Virginia Medicaid.