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Notice of Privacy Incident
For information on the Notice of Privacy Incident, please click on Title.
Public Notice of Benefit Change - WVCHIP Member Benefits to Match Medicaid
WVCHIP Member Benefits to now match Medicaid. CHIP members and their families can click the "Resources" tab for more details about this change and how to request further assistance. Effective July 1, 2023.
The COVID-19 Continuous Coverage for healthcare benefits has ended.
The COVID-19 Continuous Coverage for healthcare benefits has ended. Check your mail for a letter with additional information.
Providers Payment Error Rate Measurement Reviews - Reminder to Submit Medical Records
Reminder to providers of WVCHIP: Empower AI may request additional documentation and it must be returned by the due date, to avoid payments being recovered, or pay-holds being placed on payments.
CHIP Turns 25!
Celebrating 25 years of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
Upcoming Pharmacy Changes for WVCHIP Members
​​​​​​Express Scripts Inc. (ESI) will become WVCHIP member's Pharmacy Benefit Manager beginning July 1, 2022​.
Providers, Coming Soon: Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM) Webinars
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM) program is holding Provider Education Webinars for 2022. Click on Heading for more information.
Have you moved? or has your address changed due to 911?
If you've moved or your address has changed due to 911's new system, you need to update your address.
COVID-19 At-Home Tests are a new Benefit
At-home COVID-19 test(s) will now be a covered benefit. More information is available at the following link: https://www.caremark.com/covid19-otc
Telehealth Policy
For Telehealth Appointments, there are guidelines that need to be met. To find out more, see the Members section under "Resources".
COVID-19 Vaccination Is Recommended For Anyone 5 Years of Age and Older
COVID-19 Vaccination is recommended for anyone 5 Years of Age and Older To learn more, visit vaccinate.wv.gov. #CommunityImmunityWV Questions? Call WV COVID-19 Vaccine Info Line: 1-833-734-0965
2021 Virtual Provider Workshops
Tuesday, April 13th 9-12 Wednesday, April 14th 9-12 & 1:30-3:30 Thursday, April 15th 9-12 Tuesday, April 20th 9-12 & 1:30-3:30 Wednesday, April 21st 9-12 Thursday, April 22nd 1:30-3:30
PUBLIC NOTICE WVCHIP Moves to Managed Care January 1, 2021
WVCHIP Moved to Managed Care Beginning January 1 2021.
Upcoming Changes for WVCHIP
WVCHIP will be joining the WV Mountain Health Trust (MHT) managed care program January 1, 2021.
Prior Authorizations Reinstated June 15, 2020
Prior Authorizations, previously put on hold due to the State of Emergency during the COVID-19 Pandemic, were reinstated as of June 15, 2020
COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Information for Insured, Uninsured Individuals and Providers
Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Information for Insured, Uninsured Individuals and Providers.
Helpful Information For Families Applying for Coverage
Information regarding Stimulus Payments and Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensations, on how they affect or do not affect Eligibility when applying for coverage.
COVID-19 State of Emergency Temporary Policies
Please see recently updated (4/2/2020) information regarding Telehealth, COVID-19 Testing, CoPayments, Prior Authorizations, Prescriptions, and More.
2020 Spring Provider Workshops
Updated Information on Spring 2020 Provider Workshops
New WV PATH Portal (People's Access To Help) Replaces WVINROADS
WV PATH, A new improved Portal, is replacing WVINROADS, beginning Monday, February 3, 2020. A new look and feel for applying for benefits, reporting changes, and reviewing benefit information. www.wvpath.org
The invoicing system may currently show an incorrect balance due for Premium Invoices. We thank you for your patience while we work to correct your Premium invoices.
The online payment system currently may show duplicate coverage or coverage has expired. Please note that we are working to correct these errors. Amounts due on paper invoices are correct.
Maternity Coverage Under CHIP Began July 1st
WVCHIP provides maternity coverage beginning July 1, 2019. If a member is pregnant at the time of turning 19 and aging out of WVCHIP coverage, the member needs to contact DHHR to be evaluated for WVCHIP pregnancy coverage.
2019 Fall Provider Workshops
Upcoming developments which may impact your practice or organization will be presented at the 2019 Fall Provider Workshops. Click on heading for more information.
Transition of Utilization Management and Prior Authorizations
WVCHIP is transitioning their utilization management contractor to KEPRO.
Updated Applied Behavior Analysis Billing and Payment Policy
The Applied Behavior Analysis Billing & Payment Guidelines have been Updated for WVCHIP.
WVCHIP Annual Report for 2018
The 2018 Annual Report for the Children's Health Insurance Program has been released.
WVCHIP's Administrative Office Has Moved
New Address for WVCHIP's Administrative Office
WVCHIP Board Approves Plan for Future
We are pleased to announce that Congress passed bills to cover ten years of continued funding for CHIP. Therefore, there will be no interruption to enrollment, services, or claims payments for WVCHIP members.
Spring 2017 Provider Workshops
Provider Workshops will be conducted throughout the State April 3rd - 13th, to share new developments that might impact provider offices.
Children's Health Care Options in West Virginia
Although you might have health coverage through an employer, or through the West Virginia Marketplace, there are additional options in which you can check your eligiblity.
Need Money To Pay For College?
Need Money to Pay for College? Starting October, Medicaid/CHIP beneficiaries can complete the FAFSA to access the $180 billion investments available for higher education.
Know Your Rights-Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits
Know your Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Benefits There is now a law that protects your mental health and substance use disorder benefits. Read more about these protections here.
Get connected with community-based substance treatment programs and behavioral health services near you.
Kids First HealthCheck Forms!
To help assure every child has a healthy start and is ready to learn when pre-school or kindergarten begins, WVCHIP supports the Kids First initiative. Read on for more information and to access the HealthCheck Form you need!
You must be fully enrolled with CHIP prior to June 30, 2016. Call Molina Provider Relations at 1-888-483-0793 with questions or to confirm you are fully enrolled.
Provider Education Sessions - PERM Cycle 2 (FY2016)
West Virginia Providers Registration Information for Upcoming Provider Workshops
97 percent of WV Children are Insured
WV now ranks among the top five states with the lowest numbers of uninsured children. See more by clicking on heading.
Choosing Wisely
"Choosing Wisely" Helps patients and their doctors to choose care that is truly necessary and which helps keep the patients safe from unnecessary harm.
Reimbursement for Developmental Screenings in Pre-School Children
WVCHIP acknowledges and promotes the fundamental importance of Developmental Screening for all pre-school children. To read more about WVCHIP's position on this issue, click on title above to see memo to WV Primary Care Providers.
Your Baby Has You. You Have Text4baby. A new free Service that helps connect moms and moms-2-be with critical health and safety information right at their fingertips on their cell phone.
"What parents should know about Treatment of Behavioral & Emotional Disorders in Preschool"
The number of children diagnosed with and treated for disruptive disorders has markedly increased over the last decade
WVCHIP Plan Coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Applied Behavior Analysis therapy services now covered for children with a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
New CHIP Policy Helps Babies Get Early Oral Health Care at the Doctor's Office
Effective October 1, 2011, WVCHIP will reimburse primary care providers who apply fluoride varnish to children up to 3 yrs of age. Education & Counseling are both included in the overall Policy.
CHIP Members Eligible for Clay Center Program - Access to Excitement
Access to Excitement Program at the Clay Center: Created so families enrolled in WVCHIP can enjoy the Clay Center's galleries, programs, and events.
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